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Krups is a German manufacturer that produces kitchen appliance. It was founded in 1846 by Robert Krups and the company is also named after him. The company started operations by producing precision scales and mainly industrial balances from Wald near Solingen in North Rhine Westphalia. This was the company’s mainstay for the next 110 years.    

In spite of the devastations caused by the World War II, Krups anticipated the needs of the post war markets and plunged into newer markets.  It launched its first electric coffee grinder in 1956 and became pioneers in the industry. This was the time when small domestic appliances had started making their presence felt in the German kitchens and the Krups Coffee Grinder was a huge success. In 1961, the company manufactures ONKO coffee makers which later became the T8 coffeemakers and it is still in use under F468 reference.

In 1983 Krups launched its first espresso machine with an extended range of steam machines, electronically programmable models and combination espresso/coffee machine. In 1991, the company launched the first Krups Nespresso (espresso system using coffee pods), in partnership with Nestlé.

At the moment, Krups is the leading manufacturer of different kinds of coffee makers like automatic drip coffee machines, coffee/espresso combination machines, Pod coffee makers and Nespresso.

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PRO LINE single carafe
KitchenAid PRO LINE Single Carafe
Arrow Steel brew basket
Arrow Die-cast metal
Arrow 1350-watt
Thermal Coffee Maker
Thermal Coffee Maker
Arrow Temperature control
Arrow Gold tone filter
Arrow Auto shut-off
Java Spa 14 Cup
KitchenAid Java Spa
Arrow Gold-tone filter
Arrow Glass carafe
Arrow 1100-watt
12 Cup Pro Line
KitchenAid 12 Cup Pro Liner
Arrow Digital timer & clock
Arrow Front-fill reservior
Arrow Die-cast metal
Artisan Coffee Maker
KitchenAid Artisan Coffee Maker
Arrow Die-cast metal
Arrow Built-in grinder
Arrow 1300 watts

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