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Oster – Easy to Use Coffee Maker


Oster started its operation in 1924 when John Oster thought of marketing a hand operated hair clipper. After four years, he introduced a new motor-driven clipper and the John Oster Manufacturing Company became a pioneer in the grooming industry.

In 1946, the company diversified from barber equipment to small house electrical appliances and also purchased Stevens Electric, the company that had invented the liquefier blender in 1923 and the first Osterizer Blender was introduced. In 1960, John Oster Manufacturing Company was acquired and became the wholly owned subsidiary of the Sunbeam Corporation. The company continued to make blenders which took many different forms and sizes that were used for performing a variety of food preparation tasks like grating, grinding, chopping, pureeing and much more.
  Oster Coffee Maker
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Over the years the brand has grown to be a symbol of quality and style in the industry. At present the company is also one of the leading manufacturers of coffee makers. The programmable and automatic coffee makers of the company are one of the best in industry. These coffee makers have the state-of-the-art features and stand out in the crowd. It is made for maximum convenience to the user and is reasonably priced without them being too much of a burden on the pockets of the buyer.

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Oster HDX23 12 Cup
Oster HDX23 12 Cup
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Arrow Programmable clock/timer
Arrow Brew strength selector
Arrow Brew 'n Pause
Counterforms 12-Cup
Oster Counterforms 12-Cup
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Arrow Reservior window
Arrow Removable filter
Arrow 900 watts
Oster 220Volt 12 Cup
Oster 220Volt 12 Cup
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Arrow Washable filter
Arrow Glass carafe
Arrow 220 volt

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