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Single Cup Coffee Makers for Home Use

Single cup coffee makers are especially designed for those people who generally live alone and would not like to drink more than one cup at a single go. The main advantage of having single cup coffee maker is that it brews only one cup of coffee at-a-time so you always have the freshest coffee. The popularity of these coffee machines is increasing day by day with a number of new models coming up to choose from.

There are various types of single cup coffee makers available and they all have their own distinct benefits. For those having limited budget, there is a cone version that simply sits above your cup and you pour boiling water through it. This type of brewer is ideal if you are in travel.

Another type of one cup coffee brewer is the one that boils the water for you and also includes a cup too. Apart from these there are the more advanced ones which are more expensive.

If you are thinking of buying a single cup coffee maker then there are several varieties and brands to choose from. Some of the best selling single cup coffee makers are Krups Dolce Gusto, Cuisinart Cup-o-Matic, Keurig Single Cup Brewer, Tassimo Beverage System, Senseo Supreme and Bunn My Café.

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