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Great Espressos with Solis Crema SL90 Espresso Machine Black


The Solis SL90 espresso machine stands out for its stellar performance. This espresso maker is designed for the espresso purist. If you are looking for a machine that can heat the water at the perfect temperatures, apply enough pressure on the water to force it through the grinds and can handle the pressure well maintaining the heat of the shot – then this machine s for you.
  Solis Crema SL90 Espresso Machine
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Excellent features like digital controls, a computer that controls shot volumes and water temperatures, and other simplified operations makes this a sought after espresso maker. The SL 90 has all modern features that go to make traditional espresso coffee.

A high performance pump gives you up to 19 bars of pressure (280 psi). A heavy brass boiler ensures optimum brewing temperature. A solid brass portafilter that helps retain the heat of your shot through the brewing process. A steam nozzle that swivels and accommodates most cup and frothing pitcher sizes.

There is also an area on the top of the machine to heat your cups. The SL 90 features all of this and much more. Solis adds other niceties to the SL 90. Convenience items like a portafilter that can also take espresso pods (with a special insert, included). A drip tray that raises and lowers depending on your cup size. There's also a built in tamper that fits the filter inserts perfectly, eliminating the need for you to buy a third party tamper.

Finally the SL 90 features a very modern yet elegant design and a metal housing completes the package. Even inside the machine there are digital controls and a computer that accurately controls the water volume of your shots.

Other feature specifications include,

  • Temperature stability and pressure required to produce quality espresso drinks.
  • Digital controls make it easier than ever to make that perfect espresso drink.
  • Excellent steam pressure for milk frothing.

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